The Quick & Dirty on Dry Shampoos


As someone who has had bleached platinum hair since I was 17 (46 now), I know a thing or two about dry shampoo. There’s not too many I haven’t tried – expensive, cheap, and everything in between. Over the past three years I have allowed my hair to revert back to its natural color of mouse brown with a touch of green, but at least it’s healthy. Regardless, I still use dry shampoo daily. Mostly due to the fact that now that my hair is healthy and natural it lays flat against my head and looks greasy two hours after I wash it. I also have to be careful with these guys because in my old age I’ve developed a rather sensitive scalp – yaaaay!

So here goes!

4) Batiste – always good to have one of these around in a pinch, but I find they irritate my scalp and leave a chalky residue on my hair. The plus, these are inexpensive ($6 most places and Ulta sometimes has buy one get one half off) and are available in several different scents. Purchase the cherry scent at Amazon: or the fresh scent:

3)Ž Elizabeth and James – I’ve tried every scent and love them all. They don’t leave any residue and definitely fluff up flat/oily 2nd day hair. I do find these sometime compete with the perfume I’m wearing, so that’s why they are #3 – that and they are pricey at around $28,

2) Alterna Bamboo Cleanse Shampoo in the scent Mango Coconut. Love this one! Smells amazing – I never tire of it. No residue, but it can irritate sensitives scalps and does feel somewhat heavier on the hair. This one is typically around $22 and I always find this locally at Ulta, but the price is usually much lower on Amazon:

1)Œ Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair – it’s my holy grail of dry shampoos! Smells clean and kinda woodsy, doesn’t take much at all, and doesn’t leave any residue or heavy texture on your hair. The price is painful though – it’s typically around $35 and you can only purchase at a Salon or a bougie cosmetic store! That’s why I usually keep a can of #4 around!!!


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