Cashmere by Everlane



In addition to loving make up, I also love clothes and especially well-made clothes for girls on a budget. I have purchased several cashmere sweaters over the past few years, but very few have stood the test of time. The only ones that have lasted for more than four or five years have been very expensive sweaters that I bought while traveling and couldn’t be replaced. A few months ago, I discovered a company online called Everlane (they have recently opened a store in NYC, but are based out of San Francisco). They are built on classic items such as basic crewneck cashmere sweaters in classic colors, as well as a denim line and great basic every day shoes. They also have transparent pricing so regardless of the item, you see how much they put in and what the profit is—pretty innovative! I ordered two cashmere sweaters for $99 each and could not be happier. I have worn them both at least weekly and am waiting until after the first of the year to add to the collection! Seriously, you have to try @Everlane: So far, there is minimal stretching and absolutely ZERO pilling. Which is crazy considering I have worn the sweaters repeatedly under jackets and still, no pilling. In between washings, I use “The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Spray” to keep them smelling fresh and love the product. You’re going to want to try this for yourself now: I’ve also used it to spray wool sport coats and various other sweaters and am very pleased. If you, like myself, don’t take jackets to the cleaners after each wear, you should definitely consider this. I had read mixed reviews but thought I would take a gamble and form my own opinion and have not been disappointed whatsoever.


If you are looking for classic cashmere sweaters for a reasonable price that are quality, I HIGHLY recommend Everlane AND the cashmere/wool spray – a great combo for the cooler months!



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