Warby Parker Frames

For years I tried to make contacts work. I have very dry eyes so wearing any kind of contacts for more than 3 to 4 hours became intolerable. I gave up the dream and started buying eyeglasses. I’m the kind of girl if you’re going to wear glasses, then wear glasses! I wanted big, bold, chunky personality frames. After buying several pair that really didn’t hit the mark, Warby Parker came along.


The first pair I ever bought was the “Kimball” in Marzipan Tortoise. I have never had so many compliments on a pair of glasses my entire life. They are chunky, but not heavy and the tortoise on this one is perfect! This is still my favorite pair!


The second pair is the “Roland” in Espresso Tortoise.  This is a lighter tortoise, and they are not as chunky as the Kimball. I find myself wearing these much more in the summer months. Still a statement pair of glasses, but just a little lighter look.


My most recent pair is the “Huxley” in Whiskey Tortoise. These are the plainest (if you will) of the bunch. However, I have been wearing these nonstop since I bought them. They are a classic shape and the tortoise is very dark, they look almost black. This is a very easy frame to wear and would make a great first pair for those of you that don’t want quite as much going on as the Kimball or Roland.


Last but definitely not least, the cases. The blue case is the case that comes with the glasses. Very cute and high-quality. The red case is one I purchased separately, and I love the colors they are offered in. I can also fold it flat so it doesn’t take up too much space in my bag.

All in all, I love Warby Parker glasses. They start at $99 and I feel confident you will have a difficult time finding any prescription glasses that are cheaper, much less cuter. Also worth noting, if your prescription changes it’s only $50 to have new lenses put in for single vision with no bells or whistles on the lens. If you do not live near a Warby Parker retail location, you can go to their website www.warbyparker.com and they will send you up to five pair to try on at home—super easy to do business with and no fuss at all! I will definitely be growing my collection!



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