My Current Favorite Makeup Brushes



I have an embarrassingly large collection of makeup brushes… and red lipstick and nail polish… but this is not about my hoarding tendencies. Back to the brushes, I’ve been using the same six brushes for the past few months. I have recently added the Fenty Portable brush, but that’s a recent purchase (see post from December 14).

My favorite by far is the It Cosmetics Number 7 Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection brush. I received this free with the purchase of powder and immediately fell in love. It doesn’t matter what type of foundation you use, liquid or powder it works beautifully on both. It also seems to make both high and low foundations look flawless. I use the concealer end to get my foundation into the corners of my eyes and also to buff out under eye concealer. You’re gonna thank me!

Next up is the Sephora Pro Foundation Number 47 brush. I really like this brush, but I use it to apply my primer. The bristles on this brush are too stiff for an airbrush foundation application in my opinion, but it works wonderfully as a primer brush.
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For blush, I love the Real Techniques blush brush. It’s large, fluffy, and very soft. It’s almost impossible to apply too much product due to the soft bristles. Real Technique brushes are also easy to find and are very affordable, especially for the quality. It’s a steal!

For subtle highlights, I use another Real Techniques Brush, the Setting brush. This brush is light, airy, and again a very soft bristled brush. You can’t overdo it and it’s the perfect size for more precise centralized applications.


The Morphe M433 ( and MAC 210 [now replaced by MAC 221]( are for my eyeshadows. I tend to keep my eyeshadows pretty basic and rarely use more than two colors at a time. The Morphe is a great “all-purpose“ shadow brush. I use it for my crease color then tap lightly into any lighter shade for under my brow—the brush doesn’t hold excessive amounts of shadow so you can use it for both a lighter and darker color. The MAC 210 is for my under eye application. If I want my crease color more intense, I use this brush for that also. It’s tapered and relatively stiff so you have a lot of control and precision with this one!



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