Booze Dispenser

If you are looking for a cool way to dispense your booze or wine during your New Year’s Eve party or anytime throughout the year, look no further than the booze dispenser! I recently purchased this at a boutique in Atlanta, Georgia (Sugarboo & Company I use mine for red wine only, but you can use it for any beverage that is not carbonated. They are available in different colors of rock, but I opted for the darker black/gray shade. Please note, if you do choose a lighter rock color and you use it with red wine, any wine drips it could stain the rock. Pieces are sold separately – the stand (which looks a little like something on a Transformer character) and the stopper which you WILL DEFINITELY NEED! Get the stopper even if you don’t get the stand. Without the stopper, good luck turning the bottle upside down and getting it into the gadget. Also, these are made in Maine!

I could not be more excited about this little gadget! It will definitely be a conversation piece in your kitchen!!

~ Tippi St. James

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