Who Wears Hats?


I have been wearing hats a lot over the past few months. My hair is longer than it has been in years (finally) and I have never been one that spends too much time on my hair. So, hats have become one of my 2017 unanticipated favorites! Here are a few places that I recommend if you are ready to put a hat on and move on with your day a little quicker! Oh – and hats are super stylish, and YES YOU TOO can wear hats!

Sunday Afternoons – So, I found out about this company through my dermatologist. They make all kinds of hats, but specialize in hats with UV protection on/in the fabric. They have great summer and winter hats and I feel like I’m taking better care of my skin when wearing these. Check them out at: www.sundayafternoons.com or here’s a cute Palm Springs hat I saw on Amazon: https://pecansandpeaches.com/recommends/sunday-afternoons-hat/ 

Banana Republic – This is a great place for affordable, stylish hats! They are very classic and are great quality for the price. You can also easily dress them up with pins and feathers. The only negative about these hats is they can sometimes run a little large if you have a small head as they are one size fits all. Check out the Banana Republic hat selection here: http://brstyl.es/2DDynoK

Target – This is also a great place to find cute, inexpensive hats! They have great seasonal hats and sometimes these are available in different sizes.   These are great hats to travel with also – if one gets crushed or ruined your usually only out about $10! Here’s a filtered list at Target that may give you some ideas:  http://bit.ly/2BZG8Vr

Goorin Brothers – I LOVE this company. This is an old-world style hat company where customer service is everything and your experience is very personalized. The hats are sized and the staff is very well rehearsed in measuring you if you are worried about getting the measurement wrong. These are definitely investment hats, so be sure you get the correct and comfortable size. They also have a great selection of hat pins, feathers, and hat bands. I HIGHLY recommend you visit one of these retail locations if you live near one or will be traveling – even if you don’t like hats, go in and take a look around – it’s an experience! Check them out, and click on the locations tab for the store nearest you: https://www.goorin.com/womens-hats/

Lastly, you can also find cute berets and knitted caps all over Etsy and those are all definitely one of a kind pieces… and Etsy store owners are always super appreciative of your business! https://www.etsy.com/search?q=womens%20hats


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