New Year New Skin



It has been painfully cold in the South the past few days, and with cold weather comes dry skin. During a recent visit with my aesthetician, she told me I needed to exfoliate my chest and arms more… ouch. She recommended lavender Epsom salt a couple of times a week in the shower, which I have never heard of anyone using Epsom as an exfoliate?! So – on the list of “stuff to buy” it went! Not going to lie here, the first couple of times I used it I didn’t really get it? I felt like it didn’t do much and I wondered if I was using enough. Since then, I’ve learned to apply liberally and that seems to be the trick.

I also use an exfoliating mitt, but mine was purchased a few months ago and I can’t remember where I got it. This one from Sephora gets great reviews and it’s affordable! I’m going to order this one matter of fact.


On especially dry areas, I use the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It smells great, and is not so greasy you can’t get dressed after applying. This can get expensive, so this is not my daily lotion.


My everyday, right out of the shower, can get it anywhere lotion is the EOS Body Lotion. Smells clean and fresh and leaves no greasy residue. Very affordable also!!!


Get your glow on!

~ Tippi St. James



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