New Estée Lauder Liquid Lips

I genuinely have a real red lipstick problem. If you are a red lipstick junkie, you know where I’m coming from – we are always looking for a better/most perfect red. That being said, I wanted to check out the new liquid lips from Estée Lauder! Two of the three are red, and I did throw one nude in the mix. One red is the matte formula – “Quiet Riot” and the other is the vinyl formula – “Lava Flow”, and “Nude Ambition” is also matte.

“Quiet Riot” is a gorgeous red – a tad on the darker side of red, but nonetheless beautiful. Don’t be deceived by how it looks in the tube – it appears to be very dark, almost berry but it is definitely a red. I love this color. It is very dressy, but I would wear it for day or night. If you lean more “bright bold colors are for night” then this is definitely an after-hours shade for you.

“Lava Flow” is a bright orange/red (more orange than red) vinyl – which really just means it’s a heavily pigmented lip gloss. Beautiful color and very easy to wear. This has a 70’s vibe to it in a good way – reminds me of something Jerry Hall would have worn. This formula is not sticky at all, and actually looks really pretty as blush – just a little dot and then rub into the skin. It gives you a very natural flushed look.

“Naked Ambition” – the nude shade (on my skin) is a winner! Nudes are soooo hard, but on me this is perfect. It has enough pigment and pink to keep me from looking like a corpse and makes my lips look full. This is perfect for light makeup days, and I can’t wait to wear it during the summer with a shimmery gloss on top!

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