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Welcome! Glad you are here!

~ Tippi St. James

I’m Tippi St. James and I love stuff! I love makeup, bags, shoes, clothes, coffee, hats, and DOGS (especially my three)! I live in the great State of Georgia and have been here my whole life–you probably guessed that by our site name. Can’t imagine living anywhere else (that’s a big huge lie, I would love to live in Paris).

I’m 47 years old and currently my day job is in sales, but not the stuffy, corporate, stressful kind of sales–more of the “close to home I can wear whatever I want” kinda sales job. It’s really just customer service, but they call me “sales.” Whatever–it keeps me in makeup and skincare so I’m fine with it.

My bestie from a previous job wanted for me to do this blog with her, so here we are! I buy a lot more stuff than she does (I’m so irresponsible) so by default I provide her with my reviews and she loads ‘em up! I’m dumber than a bag of hair when it comes to all things technical, so I’m so thankful she’s waaaay smarter and patient than I am!  We are having fun doing this together and I am looking forward to giving y’all more of my opinions on the stuff I buy!

~ Tippi St. James