Miscellaneous Gifts


Miscellaneous great gifts I received! Where do I start? I received so many great thoughtful gifts, but I’ll be brief:

First up is the NARS X Man Ray Velvet Matte lip pencil set. This is on sale right now on Sephora.com and is a good buy considering how much the individual pencils are. It contains two new shades and two existing. All of the colors are very wearable, and very blend-able. If you’ve ever been a fan of “Dragon Girl” or “Cruella” this might be worth consideration. Comes with a cute little gold Man Ray inspired pouch also. Here’s the link at Sephora: https://www.sephora.com/product/nars-x-man-ray-kiss-velvet-matte-lip-pencil-set-P422870

One of my friends understands my obsession with red lipstick and bought me the new Fenty by Rihanna “Uncensored” liquid matte lip. This is a beautiful neutral red but wearers beware – this does not dry down like most of the other liquid lips we are familiar with. This stays a tad wet and will transfer slightly. All that to say, the color is beautiful and the packaging will look nice in your beauty cabinet or on your vanity. If you prefer the Anastasia liquid lip formula, I would not recommend this for you. Here’s where you can get your own: https://pecansandpeaches.com/recommends/fenty-by-rihanna-uncensored-liquid-matte-lip/

I know I’m a little late to this party, but the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is another winner. The colors are very pigmented and very easy for most skin tones. I’ve been mixing several colors together for the past couple of days and can’t seem to screw it up!? Easy peasy palette for novices and the more professionally inclined. https://pecansandpeaches.com/recommends/too-faced-chocolate-bar/

Last up – trinket trays!!! These have single handedly changed up my accessory game. I have tons of costume jewelry, but rarely wore it because it was too hard to dig out of my closet. I place my trays on my shelves and the top of my dresser and place my favorite pieces on or in them and then after dressing I quickly add on whatever I feel like – no digging in boxes or getting to work and feeling like, “I could have worn those long blue earrings with this!” These are available everywhere – Charming Charlie, Anthropology, Target, Kohl’s, antique shows – you name it!!! If you are not wearing your jewelry, treat yourself to a couple of these and your accessories will thank you later.  https://pecansandpeaches.com/recommends/trinket-trays/


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