New Products Review


Two new products that I’ve been trying out the last few days that I’m loving!


Grande Primer Lash Boosting Primer – I’ve been using this for several days now and it is hands down the best lash primer I’ve ever used. I’ve had Dior’s and Lancôme’s (both versions of Lancôme’s) but this one wins out. When you first pull the wand out of the tube, it looks like there isn’t enough product on the applicator to do much, but it does!!! My lashes have a tendency to stick straight out and I don’t bother with an eyelash curler. This product keeps my lashes curved up all day, and it also separate the lashes. LOVE THIS!


Sephora Collection Lip Stories Lipstick – shocker I chose a matte red called, “A Little Magic.” Not going to lie here, the cute packaging made it hard for me to choose just one. The tubes are made of paper, so although it’s cute they do feel a little cheap. But – for $8.00 who cares! This is a great product! The color is beautiful – it’s a true-blue red that does lean a little pink on me, but nonetheless it’s still very pretty. Even though it is a matte formula, it’s super easy to apply and doesn’t pull or feather on the lips. This will transfer some also, but personally I would rather have a little transfer than one so matte that it dries my lips. All in all, this is a winner for $8!


~ Tippi St. James



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