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Start with the Low – The Matrix Oil Wonders Shampoo and Conditioner is a great combination for fine hair. I actually found these while looking for affordable shampoos and conditioners that are silicone-free. Most silicone-free products are very expensive, and it’s especially hard to find a silicone-free conditioner. My hair does really well with these – doesn’t weigh it down and my hair has a nice feel to it afterwards. These are also affordable – I bought mine from Ulta when they had the “half off a liter” deal. They smell great too! Kinda woodsy rosey scent that smells really good.





Or try a combo for a great price from Amazon: https://pecansandpeaches.com/recommends/matrix-oil-wonders-duo/




Now onto the high…Kevin Murphy – I do love Kevin Murphy products, but holy smoke they are SO EXPENSIVE. I scored the Plumping Shampoo and Conditioner at a local bougie cosmetic boutique that had a BOGO deal going. I do love this shampoo and conditioner, but I’m not sure I’ll re-purchase due to the price – I’ll definitely do them again if I stumble across a BOGO though! My hair responds great to these guys – feels light and clean and the scent is amazing. It’s more of a masculine scent, but I love it.

Kevin Murphy Plumping Shampoo


Kevin Murphy Plumping Conditioner



All in all, I would say if you have the money go for the Kevin Murphy! If you’re on a budget or like to spend money on other things, definitely try the Matrix Oil Wonders. The results are basically the same on my hair, so I think it just depends on your wallet and what scent you prefer!!




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2 thoughts on “High/Low Shampoo/Conditioner

  1. Tippi, thank you for introducing me to the silicon-free Matrix Oil Wonders shampoo and condition set! I went right on your link and got it from Amazon in a couple of days, and it is just as fabulous as you said! My hair feels so soft, yet full and very shiny! WHO KNEW? I LOVE it so much! I’m a loyal follower from here on! <3

    1. I’m so happy it works for you too! Finding affordable silicone-free products is difficult! Thank you for the kind words! ~Tippi

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